One of the largest manufacturers of shelving systems
in the European Union.


We are a purely Czech, prosperous and globally oriented manufacturing company, whose primary activity is a large-scale metalworking focused mainly on the production of boltless shelving, handling equipment, building trestles, transport trucks, steel fences and other specific metal products. Currently, our product portfolio consists of more than 700 types of products.

Production takes place on both universal and single-purpose automated workplaces, lines or technological units. This wide range of technological options allows us to use the most suitable production method for your order. We are able to optimise the costs associated with production and offer you a competitive price. We have our own development and construction of both products and profiling lines using the latest computer technology, with regard to design, economics and of course the environment.

Thanks to the gradual increase of its competitiveness and the extraordinary emphasis on the quality of its products while maintaining price attractiveness, TRESTLES, a.s. is today considered the largest manufacturer of shelving systems in Central Europe and one of the most important manufacturers in the entire European Union.

TRESTLES, a.s. is a member of a group of which the following companies are also members: (ID No.: 268 40 529), ANACOT Services s.r.o. (ID No.: 075 34 205), V-NASS, a.s. (ID No.: 253 66 599), ELFE, s.r.o. (ID No.: 479 73 293), NEW ELFE, s.r.o. (ID No.: 047 64 978), TRIANGOLO spol. s.r.o. (ID No.: 479 06 600)

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deliveries to more than 30 countries worldwide
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We offer metal wardrobes mainly for industrial use. High quality, robust and lockable, in single or double cabinet design.
We produce a wide range of shelving systems, especially boltless, whose advantage is quick and easy assembly. Shelving is delivered either with chipboard shelves or metal shelves.
We produce a wide range of sack trucks. Fixed, foldable, aluminium and steel, for stairs,… There is something for everyone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Solid metal building trestles suitable for most applications. You can choose the right one for your needs and ideas from a large number of types. We paint the trestles in RAL tones according to the customer’s wishes. Contact us for more information.
We produce many types of transport trucks for domestic and industrial use. We paint the trucks in several RAL tones. Choose the right truck for you, our range is varied. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We produce raised garden beds, which have been in high demand recently.